cakes that are whimsical, sophisticated and decadent

Our collection of cakes are colourful, fun, unique and cheerful. Full of fresh ingredients, organic eggs and dairy and baked from scratch just for you. Order from our Cake Collection below or let us know your favourite flavors and let us create something special just for you!

We create cakes with buttercream and ganache frosting. We do not make cakes with fondant icing.

Our Cake Collection is currently available in the sizes and flavors detailed below:

The Cake Collection

Flavor Details

The Duchess of Sprinkles: Vanilla cake, oreo frosting, dark chocolate ganache drip, crushed chocolate shards

Confessions of a Chocoholic: Dark chocolate and coffee cake, peanut butter frosting, crushed homemade honeycomb with chocolate drizzle

Hole lot of Donut love: Vanilla cake, oreo frosting, donut holes and sugared berries (blueberry or strawberry editions pictured)

The Meredith: Lemon cake, raspberry frosting inside, covered in bold paintbrush icing with gold foil details

Pretty in Pink: Vanilla cake, oreo frosting, partial pink chocolate ganache drip, donut holes, fresh strawberries

The Caramello Koala: Milk chocolate cake, salted caramel frosting, salted caramel drip, crushed chocolate and cookie decoration

The Cookie Monster: Vanilla cake, oreo frosting, dark chocoalte ganache drip, crusehd oreo decoration