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Maple and Love

Maple and Love is all about baking you something that is out of the ordinary. We think sweets should always bring a smile to your face. 

Allow us to introduce a little bit of Australian quirkiness to your celebrations with our sweet creations. Our cakes and other sweets range from the whimsical and fanciful to sophisticated and elegant.

Sweets shouldn't only look delicious they should taste as amazing as they look, so we ALWAYS bake everything from scratch. We do not use preservatives and we only use organic eggs and dairy. We bake to order and we always bake in small batches. Our sweets are always made with love.

We are perfectionists.  Our careful styling and obsession with detail are what stands us apart.  We love to make things that are pretty, unusual, decadent and one of a kind.


Lisa Driver

Passionate baker, craft devotee, stationery lover and all around adventure seeker.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I am an incurable sweet tooth who firmly believes you should always choose dessert first.

I think life should be full of big adventures so I now find myself half way across the world calling Houston, Texas home because I think the only things in life people end up regretting are the chances that they don't take.

I have worked in the finance industry as a tax consultant for many years and always did a spot of baking for friends and family on the weekends. This 'spot' of baking kept on multiplying as friends and customers recommended me to their friends. Word of mouth turned my hobby into a very busy small business that i juggled for years with my day job.

The opportunity to be creative and the huge amount of enjoyment I get from helping my customers celebrate the special days and moments in their lives obviously won out and Maple and Love was born.